PayPal Currency Converter

A simple conversion calculator for personal and business transactions via PayPal!

PayPal conversion rate = 2.5%

How To Reduce PayPal Fees


You can find PayPal’s currency exchange rates in the currency calculator section of your PayPal wallet page.

PayPal charges a percentage of the total transaction value along with a minimal fixed fee for every transaction.

PayPal charges fees when you send money or receive e-commerce payment. However, there is no charge when you pay from PayPal balance.

There are basically three types of PayPal accounts - Personal account, Business account and Premier account. Additionally, there is also a student account that is monitored under any of the three accounts mentioned.

Yes, you can open a PayPal account without a bank account. However, you will have to link your bank account or debit/credit card to transfer and receive funds.

Why use this PayPal Currency Converter?

With this PayPal currency converter, you can avoid the headache of figuring out exchange rate fee and know exactly how much you will receive or pay when doing international transactions via PayPal. All you have to do is simply enter the amount and select the currencies for conversion. You will instantly find out how much PayPal will charge for the transaction in your local currency.

paypal currency converter