service@intl.paypal Scam

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service@intl.paypal Scam

Post by JackMarsh007 »

Today morning I received an email from "service@intl.paypal" asking me to change my password and also provided a link to do so.

Since I am quite aware about how these online frauds operate, I immediately took a notice of this and marked the email ID as spam.

Just want to know if there is anything else that needs to be done to prevent such phishing attacks?
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Re: service@intl.paypal Scam

Post by MarioBriana »

Hi JackMarsh007,

You can do the following to take the necessary precautions from these phishing e-mails:

1. As long as you know when are you expecting a PayPal activity and to expect the official PayPal emails to mirror your PayPal activity.
2. Always log in through the website to check for account issues and payments.
3. Do not click on any links in emails.
4. Check the email header to see where the email really originated from.
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