Complaint to PayPal

PayPal transaction disputes and account limitations
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Complaint to PayPal

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I am writing this to share an incident that happened recently where I had a couple of unauthorized charges on my PayPal account. After which, I took it up with PayPal and they clearly denied to raise any dispute only because the so called seller had submitted a tacking ID. Now come-on Paypal, as if you'll don't know that tracking IDs can be fake and be generated just like that?! Denying me of my right to protect my self from fraudulent charges/activity is a crime, and I'll make sure PayPal pays for it..!! Enough is Enough! I need help filing a suite against both the seller and PayPal. Can anyone help me out here??

Andrew Nora
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Re: Complaint to PayPal

Post by MarkHenry »

Hi AndrewNora,

There doesn't seem to be any answer regarding your query, if someone does find a solution, please do an update.
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