PayPal Care PPCS Charge

PayPal transaction disputes and account limitations
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PayPal Care PPCS Charge

Post by TonyWales589 »

I have an unidentified charge on my account and it's from PayPal Care PPCS.

Can anyone please tell me what it is?
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Re: PayPal Care PPCS Charge

Post by MarioBriana »

Hi TonyWales589,

It's probably the name of the merchant which charged you this amount or the seller may have processed that payment using their Paypal 'card reader' and so Paypal would show on your bank or card statement.

If you are unsure about the charge or transaction on your PayPal account, it would be best for you to dispute the transaction right away.

1. Go to the Resolution Center.
2. Click Report a Problem.
3. Select the reason for your case and click Continue.

In your case, it's "unauthorized access/transaction"
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