Chicv International Holding Limited - SCAM

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Chicv International Holding Limited - SCAM

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I recently ordered a pair of jeans from Chicv International Holding Limited and what I received was no where close to what was ordered. I asked for a refund and they sent me a mere $10 refund for a jeans that had costed me a whopping $48. I want to request all of you to stay away from these scammers.
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Re: Chicv International Holding Limited - SCAM

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Yeah man, I fell for the same fraudulent scheme once. What I did was to contact the top management in Nebraska by mail and they found a resolution and decided to offer me a courtesy credit, you should try doing the same!
Sites like JustFashionNow, StyleWe, PopJulia are just ready to grab your money and run away whenever they have the chance to! Make sure you do your research properly the next time you shop online from a new or "not so famous" site.
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