Resilient Media pte. ltd

PayPal transaction disputes and account limitations
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Resilient Media pte. ltd

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I do not recall buying anything from Resilient Media Pte. Ltd and yet I have a transaction of $89 in my account. Is there a way to cross check what have I ordered from them?

It's funny and sad at the same time how people continue to scam people on daily basis and there is no remedy to it. Scammers will steal your money so easily and there is no system or infrastructure to nab them or prevent them from continue their malicious activity. Some times it really seems that PayPal gets it cut from such scammers, otherwise why wouldn't they stop such activities?!
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Re: Resilient Media pte. ltd

Post by AdamCole »

I had the same problem. But never found out what I had paid for. Obviously, the products did not arrive even after 2 months of wait and they had already freed themselves of any responsibility by asking me to "check with your local post office". Frustrating as hell!
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