"Package Intercept service not available at that location"

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"Package Intercept service not available at that location"

Post by JackMarsh007 »

USPS has launched a new service to rip off people of their money called "Package Intercept."

So I had shipped a package to wrong address and later when I realized about my mistake, I went to usps.com and initiated the Package intercept service. I paid the requisite fees for the same and waited for my package to get delivered. Little did I knew that the intercept was not guaranteed, which seems fair enough but the fact that the service is not refundable completely blew my mind.

I had the tracking ID and I could also locate my parcel. I could also infer that USPS did not even try to intercept my package and told me that the parcel had moved before they could intercept. So basically they charge you for re-routing your shipment and take your money and don't even try to fulfill their commitment and the worst part is that they refuse to refund my money for the job they were unable to do. Now this is what I call a sophisticated white collar scam.
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Re: "Package Intercept service not available at that location"

Post by AdamCole »

First of all, thank you for sharing your experience and spreading awareness. Secondly, the problem with this is, USPS or any company can get away with such tricks due to the ignorance of their customers. If you took a look at the "disclaimer" they have put out at the bottom of the info page, you will see a message that says:

"In many instances, your package may not be intercepted. The initial fee for this service is charged solely to process your request and attempt to locate your package. USPS Package intercept service is nonrefundable and not guaranteed. You also understand that the intercepted mail will be redirected back to the return address, may be redirected to a new address or may be held at a post office for pickup. As a result, additional delivery charges may be incurred with postage dye at the applicable price to be paid upon the delivery or the pickup."

So basically, they get paid either way and you are the one ending up losing more money than you should've paid in the first place.
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