Blade 720 drone scam

PayPal transaction disputes and account limitations
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Blade 720 drone scam

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I recently purchased a blade 720 drone from MDE Commerece, little did I know while ordering that there has been a lot of bad experience of people buying stuff from this seller. My goods are yet to arrive but after reading those reviews, I am pretty sure that I would either not receive any thing at all or I will get a substandard product. Should I file a dispute with PayPal before it has even arrived? Or, should I just cancel the order(knowing that the seller will try his best not to let me cancel the order)?

Please help..
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Re: Blade 720 drone scam

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Unfortunately, there is no such way to cancel a completed payment. Your best bed would be to file a dispute for "non receipt" (or once you get your item) under the "item received but not as described" but unless the seller agrees, you can not, sadly, cancel a completed payment or get a refund for the item you bought. Your other option is to contact your credit card issuer if that's how you funded your payment, and see if they might be willing to help you with a chargeback.
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