Dispute with Joyfornice Design

PayPal transaction disputes and account limitations
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Dispute with Joyfornice Design

Post by KomalJS13 »

I order an apparel from Joyfornice Design on 20th March 2021, but I have not heard from them since then, no confirmation, no tracking ID, no product invoice whatsoever.

I also tried calling these guys but they haven't responded. What do I do?
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Re: Dispute with Joyfornice Design

Post by JacobOliver »

The most practical option here would be to open a dispute with Joyfornice design:
You can open a dispute through the resolution centre of PayPal within the period of 180 days in case you don't receive the item or you have received an item but it's significantly different than the description on the seller's website.
Opening a dispute will let you communicate with the seller directly to resolve the problem.
If you reach an agreement with the seller after opening the dispute, you can close the dispute or if the solution provided is still not good enough to you, you can turn the dispute into a claim and the PayPal reps will review the claim and you'll probably receive a reimbursement.
If you have a business account,
Log into your account then click on the transaction and you will see a "resolve a problem" option button at the bottom of the details page.
You'll have to wait for approximately 7 days from the date of payment to escalate a dispute for an item not yet received. You must give the seller enough time to deliver an item before opening a dispute. Don't close the dispute until you get a cleared refund or the item you ordered regardless of what the seller says. Remember to escalate a dispute into a claim within 20 days if the seller doesn't refund or replace the item.
If none of this works, then simply contact your credit card issuer (if that's the way you funded your PayPal payment) and see if they agree to do a chargeback.

I hope this solves your issues!
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