Scammed by PP.VIPCS

PayPal transaction disputes and account limitations
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Scammed by PP.VIPCS

Post by AndrewNora »

I ordered a pack of t-shirts from PP.VIPCS which they never dispatched. Upon raising a dispute with PayPal, they did sent me T-Shirts that are atleast worn for 2 years by someone, it has stains, color is dull, it stinks?! Clearly shows that they are getting on to me for filling a dispute with PayPal. Now I want to return the goods but I can't as PayPal shows that the dispute is already resolved and wouldn't let me raise another one with the same seller!!

What should I do in such a scenario? Please help me..
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Re: Scammed by PP.VIPCS

Post by MarioBriana »

Hi AndrewNora,

The company is a complete scam, I hope Paypal deals with this issue. Try contacting Paypal's customer service regarding this, there doesn't seem to be any solution to it yet and if someone does find a solution, please provide an update.
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