PayPal hasn't accepted the transaction yet

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PayPal hasn't accepted the transaction yet

Post by JamesMiller »

When I tried to send money, the transaction was pending and hasn't been accepted yet. The person receiving it can't see the transaction in their account. It seems like someone had a similar problem before and they were asked if the dollars used for this transfer are from US? And also that both you (sending) and your friend who is supposed to be receiving them have accounts in US currency too! Well, I can't seem to grasp what is really going on in here!!!??
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Re: PayPal hasn't accepted the transaction yet

Post by RickyLucas »

Hello JamesMiller,

It seems like you're dealing with an unclaimed payment.

Common reasons why a payment may show as unclaimed are:

1. The recipient doesn’t have a PayPal account. When you send money, we immediately email the recipient. The email contains a link that they can click to open a PayPal account and claim your payment.

2. The recipient needs to accept or deny your payment. (Premier and Business account holders can choose which payments they accept either automatically or on an individual basis.)

3. The recipient’s email address or phone number was entered incorrectly when you sent your payment. You’ll need to cancel the transaction, then reenter the email address or phone number and send your payment again.

4. The recipient hasn’t confirmed the email address or phone number on their PayPal account.

5. The recipient has not confirmed their bank account.

6. The recipient doesn't have an active currency balance in the currency sent or has opted to not automatically accept payments in the currency the payment was sent.


- Unclaimed payments are automatically reversed after 30 days.

- You may want to remind the recipient that you sent them a payment.

- Refunds to a credit or debit card can take up to 30 days to appear on your card statement.

- If there’s a problem with the payment you sent, please get in touch with your recipient.

- Fixed fees - $0.30 USD per transaction - are not refundable.
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