729725 - Text Message

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729725 - Text Message

Post by Jenn131218 »

I got a text message from 729 725. Message says: [PayPal] Did you pay $ to •••••••• Limites. on April 06, 2021? Reply 1 if yes or 2 if no. what am I supposed to do ?

Guys please help me out here..!!!
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Re: 729725 - Text Message

Post by Davidcarter »

Hi Jenn131218,

If the text message, you've received, doesn't address you by your full name, it's not Paypal.
Also, if there was an unauthorized transaction, Paypal would've asked you to log in normally.
Don't click on it, just go through your transactional history instead, and if there is an unauthorized transaction, then file a dispute.
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