Buying concert tickets with PayPal

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Buying concert tickets with PayPal

Post by TonyWales589 »

Hi I am planning to buy a ticket to a concert from an unknown person and the ticket is quite a bit expensive. It occurred to me that if I pay from PayPal, will I be eligible for buyers protection under PayPal's buyer's protection scheme?
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Re: Buying concert tickets with PayPal

Post by MarioBriana »

Hi TonyWales589,

You will be eligible for buyers' protection but note that the protection isn't a 100% guarantee.
Before going forward with it, check out everything under this link ... -full#r013

Although under 13.11 Event tickets

In certain cases, if you purchase a ticket or pay for the right to attend an event from a Payment Recipient who is the UK registered PayPal Account holder (“Event”), all monies paid by you may be held by PayPal on trust for you so that the beneficial interest in such monies remains with you until the performance of the Event in question.
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