PayPal - Craigslist Possible Scam

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PayPal - Craigslist Possible Scam

Post by TonyWales589 »

I sell Fitness Equipment for living. Recently, a guy wanted to buy some equipment from me and said that he has made a direct payment, for which I also got an email which looks very legit but I still have my doubts..why? Here is the reason: This guy says that he has made me a direct payment including the shipping cost, which he asks me to pay directly to shipping agent via MoneyGram. Although this guy claims to have transferred me the money but I can not see any money in my account, I solely am supposed to believe in the genuineness of this transaction based on the email that I've received!

Just curious if any one has ever faced or encountered such a plot to rob you of your money?

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Re: PayPal - Craigslist Possible Scam

Post by AndrewGabriel »

PayPal never asks anyone to send any item before the payment reflects in the account. It also doesn't ask to use competing money transfer services.
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