Difference between personal and business PayPal account

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Difference between personal and business PayPal account

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What are the difference between a Personal Account on PayPal and a Business PayPal Account?

Are there any major differences in terms of cost and limitations of operating accounts?
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Re: Difference between personal and business PayPal account

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The basic difference is Personal Vs. Business. So obviously a personal account is more suitable for personal transactions that don't exclude business transactions as there won't be any seller protection included there; whereas a business account is used for all types of business related transactions with access to seller protection.

Uses of a personal account:
Primarily needed to send money to friends and family or make personal purchases.
Buy goods and services for personal use
You can create item buttons with a personal account with some limitations:
You won't be able to save the item button code to PayPal servers or your account.
You won't be able to create an email URL text link
You won't be able to track your inventory or profit/loss
You won't be able to customize your checkout screens or have a logo displayed
You won't be able to access advanced options
You won't be able to create shipping methods or tax tables.
You won't be able to create subscription item button
Both your name and email address will be displayed to buyers if you ever sell from your personal account

On the other hand, a business account will let you do all of the above and in addition to this, only your business name and email will be displayed to your buyers unless it's the same as your personal details.

Uses of a Business Account:

A business account is recommended to people and organisations that primarily use PayPal to sell goods or services or accept money regardless of your business being incorporated or otherwise.

You can use your company or business name on your PayPal account
Allow upto 200 employees access to some features of the PayPal account
Sign up for more PayPal products to make your business transactions easier for you

This is the basic difference between a personal and a business PayPal account.
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