Google tapps -Fake Charges

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Google tapps -Fake Charges

Post by JamesMiller »

I've been fraudulently charged by someone marked as googleplay. When I contacted PayPal telling them about this they told me that I need to contact Google, which I did, but they said that this wasn't them and their charge will have only GOOGLE on it. I went back to and fro from PayPal to Google and back but I could not get my money back. What's the point of using PayPal if they can not identify and manage fraudulent activities on their platform?! Who is responsible for this?! I am done with PayPal and will switch as soon as I find some alternative.
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Re: Google tapps -Fake Charges

Post by Davidcarter »

Hi JamesMiller,

Though you're planning on switching from Paypal, do contact Paypal about it. As it'll be documented from Paypal and such instances can be avoided.
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