PayPal is looking out for you

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PayPal is looking out for you

Post by JamesMiller »

Recently I got the following email from PayPal:

"FW: Case ID Summary Mercuarisumarrysupptansi : [ Receipt Confirmation!] We system notice in your paypal has unauthorization login, Pleaseconfirmation on your account for security reason #7373284363

PayPal is looking out for you

At PayPal, your security is a top priority. we've taken extra precaution to confirm that your PayPal account is secure and have assigned your account with a temporary limited.

You will need to restore your account to re-access your PayPal account.

To restore your account:

1. Click "Log In Now." In the below section.

2. Follow the steps to restore your PayPal account.


Once you've done this, your PayPal account will be restored immediately. If you have any questions about your account, please <removed>.



Now I know this is for sure a fraudster trying to skimp my account, just wanted to know if anyone else has got this email lately? If not then please be aware of these Phishing attacks and do not click on any link or authorize any transaction from outside of PayPal's official website. IT MIGHT BE A SCAM!!
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Re: PayPal is looking out for you

Post by SimonTanner »

Hi JamesMiller,

The email you've received is a phishing scam, please be aware of these scams. If you've logged in at the website provided by this email, log into Paypal and change your password.
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